Nutrigo Extra – the extra dose of pure flavours applied inside the bait is absolutely innovative in the fishing market Pierce Nutrigo Extra with a needle and thread it as usual on the hair under the hook (the effect time is up to 24 hours). For faster release, short sessions or for winter fishing, you can pierce the bait several times (the effective time is up to 12 hours). All year-round use! • Hand made • Patented • approximate size • the fluid on the surface of the bait is not a defect

Boilies LK Baits - Lukáš Krása

Lukáš Krása is purely a Czech company, which after several years of existence has become a leader on the European market in the field of development, production and distribution of boilies and other fishing baits under the brand name LK Baits. Our specialization is mainly on carp fishing, float fishing and feeder fishing. TopRestart, ReStart, Euro Economic boilies can show an incredible amount of big fish captures in the last years all over the Europe. The boilies is instantly and also in a long term usage effective.


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