LUKAS KRASA CARP RIG, 26 cm, 13 kg, 3 pcs


LUKAS KRASA CARP RIG, 26 cm, 13 kg, 3 pcs

Manufacturer: LK Baits

Three-piece lead-core leader set designed by Lukáš Krása for a perfect rig with an ideal stiffness… Full description

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Product description

Three-piece lead-core leader set designed by Lukáš Krása for a perfect rig with an ideal stiffness and strength, features smooth and anti-tangle coating. The lead-core leader is equipped with a split ring for easy changing of the rig. Recommended distance 5-7 cm from the hook eye. On the other end, there is an easy-change swivel with tubing. Perfect for lake beds with sharp rocks and mussels, 100% anti-tangle, outwit even experienced carps, universal presentation, high-effective with supple braid Q-SILK. This is what Lukáš Krása have to say about it: “I prefer smart & simple rigs. I was never fond of complicated rigs and this never changes. For several years I prepare my rig with a lead-core leader and supple braid. I have tried different lengths, colours and materials. Long field-testing resulted in a rig consisting of lead-core leader 26 cm and 5 cm of supple hooklength. This rig is very simple yet practical and I use it everywhere I fish. Just in crystal clear waters I switch from lead-core leader to a stiff fluorocarbon. Another advantage is an easy change of bottom hookbait for pop-ups. The only thing I need to do is adding a shot to the joint and I´m ready to cast again. Only occasionally I use another hook size than 8. I commonly fish with boilies size 18 – 20 mm. I use rather longer hair to ensure free movement and better catch hold. Longer hair may also select bigger fish a bit. Should you be fishing over mussel bars, in snags or on rocks, you can rely on lead-core leaders! I do not like loosing fish. Many anglers use soft fluorocarbons or 10lb braids with no reason. Needlessly they “metal” many fish. That is not my case. I want to outwit, hit and land a carp! I believe you will be successful with these set-ups or at least get inspired.” Tip: you can easily change the neutral colour with an alcohol marker according the situation. Check out the article CARP RIG LUKAS KRASA with more ideas and tips here.

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Lukáš Krása is purely a Czech company, which after several years of existence has become a leader on the European market in the field of development, production and distribution of boilies and other fishing baits under the brand name LK Baits. Our specialization is mainly on carp fishing, float fishing and feeder fishing. TopRestart, ReStart, Euro Economic boilies can show an incredible amount of big fish captures in the last years all over the Europe. The boilies is instantly and also in a long term usage effective.


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