LK Baits CUC! Bear Garlic 40g


LK Baits CUC! Bear Garlic 40g

Manufacturer: LK Baits

CUC! This hookbait will maximally increase number of your bites. It is a pure natural product… Full description

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Product description

CUC! This hookbait will maximally increase number of your bites. It is a pure natural product developed by LK Baits with a unique technology. CUC! releases its natural attractors into the water immediately after hitting the water and attracts fish from far distances. One and only CUC! features unique ingredients and hardly any fish can resist it. CUC! was created by a professional development department, feeder-match competitors and most importantly by a group of anglers who longed for more bites. Ingredients: CUC! is mainly made of easily digestible proteins and special blend of essential amino acids to bring the nutrition signal to carps. According to the flavour CUC! contains natural essential oils, sweeteners, enzymes, herbs and colorants. Use: CUC! was made to attract and catch almost all kinds of carp species. Unlike commonly used soft hookbaits, you can cast CUC! several times or fish in a river with no worries. This hookbait resists cray fish and white fish attacks. CUC! is variable in shape and you can use it either on a hair rig or D rig. Feel free to shape – cut your hookbaits as you want. CUC! is a balanced or rather floating hookbait. Notice: Keep in dark and cool place up to 35°C!

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