LK Baits Banana Nailer vel. 8

LK Baits Banana Nailer vel. 8

Manufacturer: LK Baits

For three years a shortlist of LK Baits team members had worked together with Japanese engineers to… Full description

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For three years a shortlist of LK Baits team members had worked together with Japanese engineers to develop the Banana Nailer hooks. Now, we are happy to offer you brand new hook shape sophisticated in all aspects. Banana Nailer was developed using the latest technologies, prime-quality Japanese steel and the best skills of our technician in Japan. Our hooks are ATG tempered for utmost strength and long-lasting sharpness. Innovated matt finish makes the hooks rustproof without losing strength unlike Teflon hooks. Banana Nailer hooks feature unique shape based on long-time experiences for fast and strong hold. Banana Nailer are universal hooks usable in various situations. We produce size 8 only as it proved to be the best. Thanks to the shank angle you can set various rigs with utmost effect. Banana Nailers are perfect for pop-up boilies and mini boilies but do not hesitate to tie a big ball. Presentation 1: the line is winded up to the shank bend with the ball. Presentation 2: most used setting with a ring opposite the hook tip. Use up to three turns to ensure natural movement of the bait and enough space for the ring to slide when the carp tries to get rid of the hook. Presentation 3: Favourite setting with pop-up boilies and rings. Presentation 4: setting with a double knotless knot and ball under the hook. Note the mis-angle of the shank which ensures a perfect self-hooking that is very hard for carp to eject. Ideal setting for large hookbaits.

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