Crash Ball LK Baits NEW 2016


Crash Ball LK Baits NEW 2016

Manufacturer: LK Baits

New innovative product in carp fishing. LK Baits in cooperation with Advance team from Italy improved… Full description

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New innovative product in carp fishing. LK Baits in cooperation with Advance team from Italy improved the rocket to utmost perfection and universal use. The rocket in new dimensions is a perfect tackle for baiting at short, middle and long range. Parameters: size 20 x 8 cm, weight 75 g, content 0,25 l Patented closure: magnet system ensures easy opening of the rocket after hitting the water and instant emptying. Smooth pulling-in: after hitting the water, tight the line and pull the rocket carefully up to the surface. As soon as you can see it, close it with flexible tug and pull-in smoothly without resistance. You do not need to wait for emptying of the rocket. The baits spread into the water the moment the rocket hits the surface. And what´s even better, in the exact spot where it landed. Easy filling: thanks to the patented magnet system just scoop the baits and close the rocket easily. 100% safety closure ensures your baits arrive in the spot in a perfect condition. Content 0,25 l. Casting: the rocket was designed for baiting in different distances depending on the configuration of the magnet system. Aerodynamic shape helps you cast further than with other baiting tools – and even more accurately. The line does not tangle during cast. The rocket keeps closed and correct direction despite the wind thanks to the wings. Even if you brush the rocket tip against the ground before casting, the rocket unlike other ones remains closed safely. Baits: you can use any kind of baits and be sure rocket remains closed safely. There is no system inside to cause such troubles. Simply fill the NEW Crash Ball with boilies, particles, method mix or pellets. You can pour them over with a liquid food, booster or flavour. The rocket is sealed and able to keep part of the liquids inside even at long cast.
Crash Ball - LK Baits
14,9 €
In stock
In stock

Revoluční produkt, který přichází do světa rybaření. Firma LK Baits společně s italským týmem Advance…


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